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antropoti-otisci-prsta -na-slici-sa-motivom-fingerprints-in-the-picture-with-the-motive-drvo-otisaka-vjencanja-weddings-in-croatia-wedding-planner-wedding-ideas (1)antropoti-otisci-prsta -na-slici-sa-motivom-fingerprints-in-the-picture-with-the-motive-drvo-otisaka-vjencanja-weddings-in-croatia-wedding-planner-wedding-ideas (2)antropoti-otisci-prsta -na-slici-sa-motivom-fingerprints-in-the-picture-with-the-motive-drvo-otisaka-vjencanja-weddings-in-croatia-wedding-planner-wedding-ideas (3)

Fingerprints in the Picture

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Fingerprints in the picture with the motives and printing of your choice!

Wood fingerprints is a great choice for your wedding that everyone will notice.
Guests leave fingerprints and fingerprints are becoming “leaves” on your tree as an eternal reminder of an important day for all those who are attended.

After celebrating your the wood becomes a great work of art that are “painted” together, ready for a new life on your chosen wall …

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