The Concierge Antropoti is always honored to help make our clients’ very special day perfect!


Our mission

We’re with you every step of the way–we pamper, cater, and guide you through all the highs and lows of wedding planning. We pay very close attention to your wants,
your desires, and your needs.
We listen, brainstorm, and troubleshoot.
Sometimes we’ll be the voice of reason, a sounding board,
someone to vent to, or a shoulder to cry on.

But most importantly, we just want to make the process as painless as possible,
and ultimately help you plan a perfect day!

Our Team

Our name is Antropoti and we are specialized in Concierge services.

We are a creative company with a passion for Weddings & Design.
We think it’s good business to do good. We’re working hard to be good.

Ivana Trošić

Concierge & Wedding Planner

Ivana works as a concierge and wedding planner, organizer of the events and travel. Weddings are her joy, passion and love.
If you are searching course for wedding planner or event organizers she will be your teacher and will teach you all the secrets of successful wedding and event planner.

Niat Nazazi

Wedding Planner

Just wish and he will lie on the floor, hanging from a tree, run for a limousine or jump into the sea ...
He will do everything to organise and marked the moments that make up your life!
He is an expert in ``decorating`` colors, style, and ``planning`` moments, touch the memory of all the moments of your most important day of your life.

Anja Kostanjsak


Music on your wedding day is of a high importance, starting at your home, through church and
to a place of the wedding diner.
Anja will create a perfect and unforgettable moments for your ceremony with her a music performance accompanied with ideal music and entertainment for you and your guests. Cello, piano, string quartet, solo violins, harphes, chores, soprano make only some of her most favourite solutions for wedding ceremonies.

Lana Torlo

Tour Guide

Gordana Kutija

Tour Guide

Ivana Zrilic

Tour Guide

Our experiences

We have created a professional team which will satisfy all specific clients’ requests. We strive to provide our clients all what is needed to comfortably plan weddings, partys, vacations or business trips by providing the most complete range of online services.

We have built the great professional relations with the best hotels, clubs and restaurants in Croatia and abroad the best brands, makeup artist, hairdresser, beautician, fashion designer, chef, photographer and all other prominent experts.

We bring you unique and prestige range of services.
Please contact us and we will do everything for your perfect day of your ceremony!


Venues 92%
Accessories 85%
Ceremonies 95%

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